PAN was birth out of an idea in 2009 to promote unity among the Anak Negeri of Sabah (Natives of Sabah). It came to maturity in 2012.

Beginning in 2012, PAN journeyed around Sabah to call for unity of the natives of the land and to gather the family together. After one year of walking the land, we called for a gathering of the family at KDCA, Penampang on 6-8 May 2013. This gathering was themed, “Rumumun – All Tribes One Family” to celebrate the homecoming of the family (‘Rumumun’ is a Kadazan word for ‘Homecoming’).

From November 2013 to September 2014, PAN rallied the family to “Mamangkis”!

“Mamangkis” is a war cry used by pagan ancestors of local natives to rally warriors for battle against the enemy. Today, it has been adopted as a clarion call by the natives for revival in the land. (It is not in any way whatsoever a call for the people to take up arms against the government as has been misinterpreted by some quarters). It is a shout out to the natives to stand steadfast in upholding justice, equality and the rule of law in the land.

We held 7 Mamangkis gatherings around Sabah and released 7 Press Statements one after each gathering. They were held on:

(i) 26 November 2013 at BCCM Church, Likas (officiated by Bishop Datuk Dr. Thomas Tsen).

(ii) 28 December 2013 at Maranatha Church, Penampang (officiated by Rev. Datuk Jerry WA Dusing).

(iii) 25 January 2014 at St. Paul Anglican Church, Ranau (officiated by Bishop Melter Tais).

(iv) 22 February 2014 at SIB Salarom Taka, Nabawan (officiated by Bishop Datuk Cornelius Piong).

(v) 12 April 2014 at the Protestant Church in Sabah (PCS), Pitas (officiated by Rev. Jensey Mojuin).

(vi) 09 August 2014 at the Holy Rosary Church, Limbahau, Papar (officiated by Archbishop John Wong).

(vii) 15-17 September 2014 at KDCA Hall, Penampang (‘Mitabang Mamangkis (Corporate Mamangkis) – Into The New Season’).