Education and Training

We bring in education and training to our family in the interior. Our people are the heart of our nation and they are the fuel for economic growth and prosperity. Thus, providing relevant and necessary education and training for our family is one of our priorities.

What do we do?

  • We train our PAN Centre Leaders.
  • We support high school graduates from the rural areas to get connected with institutions of higher learning (Current partners: Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR), Sabah Institute of Arts (SIA), EDEN Biomechanical Therapy).
  • We provide in-house intensive Preparatory English Course for those entering into institutions of higher learning.
  • We support students without high school qualifications to get connected with institutions for skills training.
  • We provide in-house Leadership Training – for both young and old.
  • We provide/connect with other existing skills training courses (On-going courses: Organic Farming Training in collaboration with I-Link Berhad), Disaster Relief Training by the International Disaster Relief Network (IDRN), Biomechanical Therapy – EDEN Biomechanical Therapy).

Group Photo2

Vision casting and training of PAN Centre Leaders from 5 areas
(PAN Tenom, PAN Kemabong, PAN Sook, PAN Nabawan and PAN Pensiangan-Pegalungan)
at PAN HQ Training Hall, Buhavan Square, Penampang (14-16 January 2016)

Group with Ajmain Crowd Ajmain

Dr. Zainnal Ajmain shared his research and thoughts on the history of the formation of Malaysia

Group with John n PeterMarusin

PAN SookPAN Centre Leaders

PAN Centre Committee comprising of leaders from various church denominational background

Cert 2Cert 1

Cert 4Cert 3

Cert 5Cert 6

Cert 7Cert 8

Cert 11Cert 9

Cert 10Cert 12

PAN Advisors, Rev. Datuk Jerry WA Dusing and Ps. Chin Chi Kiong presenting Certificates of Participation