1. Is PAN Sabah a registered entity?

Yes. We are registered under the Trustees (Incorporation) Ordinance Cap. 146 Sabah.

2. Is PAN Sabah a political party?

No. We are a non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered with the Trustees (Incorporation) Ordinance Cap. 146 Sabah.

3. Where does your funding come from?

For the past 4 years, we have raised our own funds and our members contribute their time and energy on a voluntary basis to ensure the sustainability of PAN Sabah. We have received support from individuals, companies and churches who believe in our cause.

4. What is ‘Mamangkis‘? Is PAN Sabah calling for war against the government?

“Mamangkis” is a war cry used by pagan ancestors of local natives to rally warriors for battle against the enemy. Today, it has been adopted as a clarion call by the natives for revival in the land. It is a shout out to the natives to stand steadfast in upholding justice and the rule of law.

No, “Mamangkis” is not in any way whatsoever a call for the people to take up arms against the government (as has been misinterpreted by some quarters).

5. Who are members of PAN Sabah?

Our members consist of natives from different walks of life, native Christians from various denominational background and natives of other faiths.

6. How can I support PAN Sabah?

If you believe in our cause, we wish you view your contribution as an investment for the future of the people of Sabah and for the nation. We welcome cash and in-kind contributions. If you would like to support us, kindly contact us at pansabah.hq@gmail.com or sabahpan@gmail.com.