Human Rights and Social Justice Awareness

We bring in human rights and social justice awareness to our people in the rural areas. We aim to:

  • awaken the people to realise their identity and basic human rights.
  • provide information literacy on issues concerning social justice.
  • empower the people to uphold their rights as equal citizens of the country.

We hold dialogues with the community about problems they faceĀ and exchange insights on the way forward. We also network with other non-governmental organisations to organize talks concerning issues affecting the people.

The Malaysia Agreement 1963

We are passionate about the restoration of the spirit of the Malaysia Agreement 1963. This is the founding document of Malaysia. Sadly, the essence of this document has never been taught in our schools! We encourage all Sabahans and Malaysians to dig deep into our history on the formation of Malaysia. Let’s educate ourselves and be enlightened!

We encourage all Malaysians to read the book entitledĀ Malaysia edited by AJ Stockwell.

This book is one of the publications of the British Documents on the End of Empire Series (BDEEP). It contains declassified correspondences between British colonial officers leading towards the formation of Malaysia. These documents should be read by all Malaysians and Singaporeans to understand the true circumstances that led to the formation of our nation. Please spread this link!

The hard copy of the book is sold by PAN Sabah at RM120.00 per copy. For any inquiries drop us an email at –

We organize regular forums on issues relating to the Malaysia Agreement. These are some pictorial updates of our activities:

Forum on ‘Did the Cabotage Policy Breach the Malaysia Agreement?’ on 13 August 2016 –





Forum on ‘Malaysia Agreement 1963 – Borneo Perspective’ on 17th September 2016 –


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