We Are A Family

Sabah Is Our Home. We Are One Family!

PAN Sabah strives to build unity of the family of Sabahans. As an organisation that represents the natives of Sabah, PAN Sabah recently affirmed the Chinese and other non-native Sabahans that we are all one family! As one family living together, no one group has the right to claim superiority over another. Each and everyone of us have different gifts and talents to bring to the family table!

Check out the articles featured in the Borneo Post & Sin Chew Daily, 20 Dec 2015:

Borneo PostSin Chew.P1

Sin Chew.P2Sin Chew.P3

Check out the official full statement in 3 languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia & Chinese:

We Are A Family.Sabah Is Our Home.18.12.2015

Kita Satu Keluarga.Sabah Rumah Kita.18.12.2015

Chinese.We Are A Family.Sabah Is Our Home.18.12.2015