PAN Keningau (2 Centres)

We were in Keningau on 8-9 December 2015 to witness the setting-up of the committee for PAN Liawan and PAN Bingkor. Keningau is a district and major town located in the Interior Division of Sabah. It is the oldest and largest town in the interior part of Sabah.

On the map, this is where it is:


The population was estimated at 173,103 in 2010 out of which, 90% are Dusuns and Muruts, 8% are Chinese (mostly Hakka Chinese) and the balance is divided between other indigenous Sabahan races and foreign immigrants (both legal and illegal) from the Philippines and Indonesia. The latter group forms a disproportionately large part of the population of Keningau as many of these immigrants come to Keningau to seek employment in the many agricultural plantations in the district.

These are few pictures taken during our visit: