Public Relations & Event Management

Our goals are to:

  • rally and promote¬†unity amongst the Natives.
  • promote reconciliation and mutual understanding amongst the people – to forge an inner sense of belonging and an appreciation of their cultural heritage and thereby creating a tight knitted family unit.



































We look out at the world
With eyes that judge people by the clothes that they wear
With ears that judge people by the accents in their voices
And with hands that seek to control and possess.

But eyes and ears and hands are all confined to the realm of our bodies,
Which will dissolve into the Earth, with time.
If we were all blind or deaf or disabled
Perhaps would we realise,

That within each body there lies a human being created in the image of God,
Worthy and capable of love.
If we could all learn to see each other through eyes of humility and compassion,
Could we finally hold hands as brother and sister
And achieve the peace and belonging we all so dearly long for.

– Dominika Ricardi